Fresh Air Everyday is the Bonus!

It’s another day to say grace to my Father God. Lovely weather everyday, whether it’s hot or rains fall down, I’m happy to see that the Sun is still shining on earth & the Moon is always there to light the dark nite..

I’m grateful everyday, for everything. Not to mention the blessings one by one, but here I would like to say.. Thank you GOD for not putting a price on the air we breathe, allowing me to wake up today (and everyday) without a cost. Thank you for being merciful Lord..

Some people say, good food gives you good mood thru d day, specially when you hv breakfast in d morning. Well, yes it’s..I’m one of the living proof! I start my saturday morning, having 2 Boiled eggs & a glass of Ice Coffee.. 🙂 Believe me, everyday can be beautiful, depends on how you start it.

Glad it’s Saturday. A one fine day for me to take a break from Mon to Fri working & doing home routines. Yup, It’s My Me Time, yeaaay..!!

Last but not least, I wish y’all a lovely weekend too.. Stay upbeat, fellas!! Cheers.. ♪~♪ d(⌒o⌒)b♪~♪

Good thoughts bear good fruit, bad thoughts bear bad fruit – James Allen

With Love,
Mulliechan ^_^


About Myfunfoodiary

Mullie Marlina is a founder of Myfunfoodiary. A Food, Travel & Lifestyle Blogger. A blessed wife where she works together with her husband; Andy Pau. She loves to eat, has a big interest in Gadget, loves Dogs and Rabbits so much, loves​ to make an itinerary for her trip & take pictures. Feel free to drop a comment or email to: ^_^

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