Hidup adalah BELAJAR

Belajar Bersyukur …Meski tak Cukup,
Belajar Ikhlas …Meski Tak Rela,
Belajar Taat …Meski Berat,
Belajar Memahami …Meski Tak Sehati,
Belajar Sabar …Meski Terbebani,
Belajar Memberi …Meski Tak Seberapa,
Belajar Tenang …Meski Gelisah.

Semoga hari ini ada banyak hal yang kita pelajari untuk hari esok.

Have a nice day all.. 🙂

Mullie Marlina


About Myfunfoodiary

Mullie Marlina is a founder of Myfunfoodiary. A Food, Travel & Lifestyle Blogger. A blessed wife where she works together with her husband; Andy Pau. She loves to eat, has a big interest in Gadget, loves Dogs and Rabbits so much, loves​ to make an itinerary for her trip & take pictures. Feel free to drop a comment or email to: admin@myfunfoodiary.com ^_^

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