It’s just me.. Simply a blessed Wifey wif the love of GOD.

Another part of my hobbies. To Write, yes it is..

Herewith I would like to share wif you..

My Daily Activities..

What I Love. What I Feel..

Anything.. Everything..

Let’s color the World even more..

Let’s share the Love together..

Don’t write ur NAME in the sand for Waves to wash away,

in the sky for Winds to blow away..

But instead in the Hearts of those you Touch

where it will forever stays..

Warm regards,

Mullie Marlina

  1. hi there…
    nice blog of you…….
    i’m a food blogger too
    i like ur home-cooking styles,

  2. Hi,
    my food blog isn’t complete yet, unlike others food blogger xixixi..
    Don’t really hv much time to write lately.. :p
    thanks dedy for dropping by, Gbu 🙂

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